www.riderlottery.com is the website of Ridersports Software Nigeria Limited (RC1316880) registered in Nigeria in February 2016. It is the operator of Dailymillion, Luckylady Foodbasket and London lottos which are regulated by Benue State Sports Marketing and Lottery Board. It commenced operations based on rigorously tested lottery system and the first to offer Nigerians in diaspora the chance to play under RIDERLOTTONAIJA, whereas Ridersports Software Nigeria Ltd has clearly set for itself the highest ethical standards in operating lottery business in Nigeria, in accordance with the enabling Nigerian laws, and international best practices in lottery business across the globe.
Ridersports software Nigeria Ltd appreciates the cost of running businesses in Nigeria, which at present hoves between 20 to 30% hence we have configured our equipment to discharge tickets for over 10 hours without charging. Riderlotto ensures all winners are paid promptly. In addition, Ridersports Software Nigeria Ltd is committed to charitable causes by ensuring that it constrains itself to uplifting the poor and less-privileged in the society by various acts of good causes. Ridersports Software Nigeria Ltd operates a robust system based on the highest and advanced technology, with real-time draws and results.
Once you have picked your chosen numbers from 1-49 and submit to play any of our lotto games, you have the opportunity to participate in the real-time/live draws by subscribing to our YouTube channel RIDERLOTTONAIJA to watch our Powerball live streaming. The results are published on our website www.riderlottery.com real time as soon as any game draw is concluded. We have advanced technical service personnel, working round the clock real time to resolve online players’/ in-store agents’ complaints. As a result-oriented Lottery Company, we are constantly improving our systems. You may join the Millionaire Club of friends of RIDERLOTTONAIJA, it starts with a ticket purchase to play any of our games and benefit from our monthly raffle draws for our customers to win other prizes. Good Luck Players.

Our Mission

The mission of Ridersports Software Nigeria Ltd, the operators of Riderlotto is to provide nationwide lottery services to 170 Million Nigerians and create a platform for genuine, transparent and responsible lottery business, trusted by its customers. And to provide a platform to alleviate poverty through provision of grants for communities’ social amenities for the general good of all Nigerians.

Our Vision

The vision of Ridersports Software Nigeria Ltd is to become the biggest lottery company in Africa, trusted by those who play, providing services to those whom its license is meant to serve. A moral commitment to take lottery services to the greatest level of trust and acceptability among the Nigerian people and promote the values of good causes for the benefit of the needy.

Our Commitment

• 1.We are committed to the best lottery service in Nigeria, based on the best ethical standards obtainable in the global lottery industry. • 2.We are committed to transparent lottery draws in which the general public, and particularly players, have the right of participation in our draw rooms. The opinion, comments and views of our players matter a lot, and we are committed to attending to them promptly, where and whenever it is needed. • 3.We are committed to technology as the driving force for our games where transparency is guaranteed to all players and clients. • 4.We are committed to our government, to pay our taxes, our fees and observe all laws, rules and policies in the lottery industry. • 5.We are committed to our staff, our invaluable resources, by providing them environmentally friendly spaces, training and job satisfaction. • 6. We are committed to society, to provide employment, to give back to society in charity and good causes: schools for kids, the motherless babies, the old people’s homes, hospitals, IDPS, the environment etc. • 7.By so doing, we have made conscious efforts to invest in the future and save our tomorrow and the tomorrow of our children. • 8.We are committed to building a world-class lottery that makes the society and the environment the central focus of its objectives. • 9.We are committed to paying out winnings, celebrate our winners and give back to our players in numerous ways. • 10.We are committed to the small and ‘big’ win lottery, in which no matter the amount won, is paid out promptly. • 11.We are committed to creating the largest lottery in Africa with a focus on hitting a billion dollars in lottery wins.


Our site www.riderlottery.com has full SSL Certificate /TLS (Transport Layer Certificate). We have safe connection for our customers to browse, buy our lotto tickets or fund the Log on deposit accounts and share information safely online. You can be assured of our CREDIBILITY and TRUSTWORTHINESS of our website to do business with us, we care about Maintaining a safe, secure and responsible website.